August 24, 2012

We are all connected

Not to long ago I finally accepted how my energy affects people and the responsibility that comes with it. I was in denial for a long time. I am here to resonate light and love and bring like minded souls together.. SO ARE YOU !
Some people resonate at a higher frequency .. but we are all beings of light, the same light. We are all connected and separation is just an illusion. 

People that are aware of this and conciously live it affect everyone they meet, creating insights and triggering things that were obscured. The forest for the trees syndrome. 
Then when it is time for you to shift into greater awareness or get a better insight into yourself and purpose/mission, another soul that lives in harmony crosses our path and soul recognition is made.. You look at them and it’s like .. Hey I know you ! 

It is a quickening and very enlightening. So you just breath it in and a few days later the way is shown. It had been quite awhile since that has happened to me even though it used to happen all the time. 

I experienced this myself last week and my mind is still on fire. The connections keep popping and the blockage is gone. I also have had profound insight on how to channel this frequency and my life purpose. 

Thank you new/old friend  


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