"The Best Independent EDM Radio Show in Tampa Bay!"

ZentripZ is THE LONGEST running of all radio shows playing (EDM) in the southeast USA.

Featuring local, national, and international artists doing interviews and performing live sets every week for you to get your groove on! Some of the music featured on ZentripZ is .. House, Trance, Breakbeat, Jungle, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Glitch, Wobble, Wonk... and the cutting edge of Underground SOUND!

"Dood"  is the host ... and his twisted sense of humor is accompanied by endless, self-deprecating wit from his co-hosts, not only will you dance to the music all-night-long you'll also be laughing hysterically! 

Plus .. there are always weekly giveaways for FREE tickets to the HOTTEST shows in the Tampa Bay area. call in and WIN 
@ 813-239-9663!

Giving music back to the people by playing  the BEST in EDM.!

YOU OWN the Music! 


Every Late THURS / Early FRI 1-4am

88.5fm WMNF (Tampa Bay and surrounding cities)
LIVE! Online (from anywhere around the WORLD!)


You Own the Music

The ZentripZ Crew


Late THURS / Early FRI 1-4am
ZentripZ 88.5fm WMNF
Listen LIVE! Online @ www.wmnf.org

Founded: January 8, 1997

Awards: "Overnight Show of the Year" in 2006! 
                 "Interdimensional Potentia Mix Show of No Time "
                 "Terrance McKenna & Hunter S. Thompson Seal of Approval "

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