August 24, 2012

Thoughts on God ?

Everyone has different needs that form their beliefs.  GOD as an individual in flowing robes and a beard or any other personification, that is just man trying to define the unknowable his conscious mind. GOD is all that is... Infinity. You are GOD, I am GOD we are all part of a greater whole, source or GOD. Only man’s vanity causes him to insist that one deity created by man is better than another or that anyone one religion or belief has the TRUTH ! 

Keep in mind that everyone is in a different place in the development of their soul. 

That being said .. faith is just that. We all have some version of it. Regardless of our beliefs we all return to the ocean of higher consciousness from whence we came. 

I had a near death experience where I met Jesus and Buddha … they told me .. we are created in GOD’s image in the sense that we are co-creators. We create with our thoughts and emotions. Quantum theory has proven this. 

People coming together to experience a higher connection is good. 
” When two or more come together in my name, I AM there”. 

When you experience your connection to “all that is”, the illusion of being separate from others disappears.You retain your individuality but realize your connection to that I AM ! (pointing at you) 

You are truly resurrected or reborn as it were. All the deities that mesh with the Christ Mythos are really the death of self and rebirth of the higher self … they represent the shamanic death pass …

When you release you ego and identity ... I am this, I believe that and you experience the connection to the greater whole of all that is .. you can no longer be who you were. You are reborn or resurrected. 

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