March 05, 2012

Flyer for our "Mystery Series" Special

ZentripZ Mystery Series

In the world of music, sometimes the unexpected occurs and we pull off the impossible at last minute's notice. Whenever this happens, we broadcast our lovely MYSTERY SERIES where basically anything goes. 

Personally... I secretly LOVE when this happens b/c some of our BEST shows have happened through scenarios like this. ;)

Below is our smack talk (a.k.a. description) we tag with every "Mystery Series" show.


Welcome to the realms of the UNKNOWN!
You are sure to be tantalized, mesmerized, and hypnotized!

Our audio frequencies will vibrate you on inhuman levels giving you an Out of Body Experience like you've never had before. Our depths of sound will create pulsating mental images with a suggestive instruction to boogie.

On the count of 3, you will envision yourself free from all distractions with an orgasmic sensitivity limitless to all boundaries.

One... Two...


ZentripZ Independent Radio takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for individuals found in a trance like state of mind, running around half naked, dancing around in spastic motions to detonated car alarms, and sucking on pacifiers.

I repeat: ZentripZ will take NO responsibility!!

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