February 01, 2014

CLRH2O on Zentripz EDM TV : Promo [HD]

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April 30, 2013

How much do you think Ministry Of Sound would sell for right now? Robert F.X Sillerman maybe the man to ask!

Rumor has it that FXS mogul Robert F.X. Sillerman, owner of Beatport & ID&T may be adding Ministry Of Sound to his dance music dynasty.

As seen on Mixmag.net http://www.mixmag.net/words/news/is-the-sfx-empire-looking-to-snap-up-ministry-of-sound

Who is Robert F.X. Sillerman? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_F._X._Sillerman

Not yet been to Ministry Of Sound? Check it out here http://www.ministryofsound.com/club/

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Zentripz & Dodman House

January 31, 2013

This guy is so Underground we have no bio info on him and the club he spins at has no name .. or a roof.. For REAL !!!

Dave will be delivering an all vinyl set to our listeners .. Prepare for Aural Ecstasy as he drops those driving beats, pounding it into you Earholes. !!! who knows what he has for us this time, because he has been going through the crates for at least 2 weeks now ..

Show info here https://www.facebook.com/events/396005773827033/